Most times, man is himself his greatest obstacle. He owes this largely to the fact that he has been domesticated by the ideas of perfection and appropriateness the world has defined over time.

In simpler terms, as soon as a man is born, everything around him begins to impress upon him the way things should be done. And as he grows older, gradually, he loses himself in the process of trying to be what the world thinks he should be, not what he thinks he should be.

However, there’s the place of deliberately deciding the values and ideas we want to adopt or discard. And inherently, this is the advantage little children have over adults; they do what they want to do (mostly). They are not held back by the urge to look right in the eyes of another. They present their true selves such that even when they commit errors, they end up satisfied in the knowledge they’re living, not simply following some stringent rules put up by some authority.

You could from today start adopting the attitude of a child. Live freely. Stop chastising yourself over and again for errors you made in the past. Let go of the past and be fully alive in the moment, being true to yourself first before any other. You can’t live pretending to be who you are not and enjoy your life, you just can’t.

It’s a new week. I’m challenging you to find the voice to ask from life and from anyone what you want. Everyone has the right to tell you yes or no. Yet, you reserve the right to ask. Stop being your own obstacle. You’ll see how far you’ll go this week and ultimately henceforth.

Cheers to a fabulous week!


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2 responses to “DITCH THE FACADE

  1. itsrukia

    I LOVE this piece. Very strong words.


  2. debbyrose

    Tnx. I rily needed that. It was a word in season.


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