I took a couple of days off. It was necessary but avoidable. I know how contradictory that sounds, but it is what it is.

Well, the past few days have been laced with sizeable retrospection on my part, especially in times when I’ve had to be regrettably rendered idle due to the extremities of the power holding fellas.

Anyway, was having a chat with one of my best friends ever yesterday, and a phrase she mentioned at some point caught my fancy and got me thinking. The said phrase was “… if you then know how to be sure, it makes a lot of things easier.”

For now, let’s forget about what the bulk of the discussion was prior to the ellipses, and try to ask ourselves if there’s a formula to arriving at being sure of any step you take or any decision we make.

The answer to that is resounding YES.

However, the formulary for figuring out the level of surety about something is not in an absolute and binding universal format, rather, it’s an individual stuff. Each person will figure out for herself how she’ll know when she’s on the right track. This, I opine, is made possible by a concoction of her experiences, her intrinsic knowledge, her beliefs and the actions she takes.

And so, in the ever changing society we find ourselves, I think it’s safe to say every individual that has any notions or intentions about achieving reasonable success should be willing to over time find a way of knowing ‘how to be sure’ any step she takes is the correct one. It must be said that this can only come by an intense knowledge of herself.

I’m not saying there still aren’t instances where the strong whiff of uncertainty looms in air. Of course, there’ll be times wherein a blind leap of faith is the only correct move you can make when faced with a particular situation.

Yet, it is extremely important to learn from our experiences, pay absolute attention to the introspective voice that accompanies our thoughts and seek direction/leading as much as our beliefs/spirit permits us. Only then can we begin to be more confident of ourselves and be more decisive in our endeavors.


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