YOU’RE NOT AN OUTLIER; What will you do about it?

If you’re not born with a silver spoon, you’ll experience considerable challenges in making a headway careerwise and probably in other areas. It’s not a guess, it’s a fact. Unless of course you’re one of the few ‘outliers’ Malcolm Gladwell spoke about in his bestselling anthology OUTLIERS. Even when you’re an outlier, you’ll still go through difficulties in achieving your dreams, but then, there’ll be an explanation; it’ll be said that you were in the right place and experienced the exact conditions that spurred you on to success. This is why you’ll be called an outlier.

Putting aside the notion of outliers, I’d say the average man with average resources raised in an average environment has to be subjected to unpalatable and unwanted experiences at some point or the other. This is no one’s fault. We simply live in an unideal world.

That said, sometimes, these so called experiences come with valuable lessons that might prove vital in some stage of our lives. Sadly however, we miss the point nine times out of ten. Why?

It’s easier to complain and moan and see the negatives than to try to glean an essential ‘message’ from our undesirable situations

Workers gather around to idly discuss annoying policies and office politics. Colleagues assemble to bash and slander some person for his personality. Citizens chatter vainly about the deplorable state of their country. Youths always find a way to play down the importance of any activity they’re to participate in, that is those activities conceived by authorities. Anything people don’t have a direct control over, there’s always a tendency for them to deride and complain about.

Take the high road. Always try to identify positives in all your experiences. When we have our minds made up even before our immersion into anything and we focus too much on its perceived worthlessness, it becomes mighty difficult to learn anything worthwhile.

In the end, your life is always going to be interfered with by things you have no direct control over. You have two choices. Either you sit and complain about how the world will not devote itself to make you happy or you grab every little detail of knowledge you can from events and occurrences pertaining to you. The choice is yours.

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