The regular football neutral, and more importantly the consistent follower of English football will be very aware of how results have tanked at Old Trafford over the past few months. As a fan of Manchester United, it is hard to see the plunge and not be tempted to lay the blame at the feet of the new manager, afterall, Club legend Sir Alex Ferguson led the same team to the title before retiring last season.

It’s no surprise though that the folks who turn up physically in the stadium on match days have not taken the abjectness of their beloved team in recent times as personally as the social media fans and long distance supporters have. Perhaps, this is because they have the love of the club ingrained in their DNA even before the love of success.

Fans of Manchester City and Liverpool will appreciate the recent change in fortunes of their club, but then if you ask them, deep down, staying with the club especially when the results are not forthcoming is what gives them the greatest sense of belonging.

And herein lies the message for today. Your commitment to something, your resolve to stick with a line of action you believe in, your decision to keep pushing through, firmly embracing your core values and beliefs even when the results you see are terrible, especially when the results you see are terrible is a true definition of who you are.

In the end, the pain you feel by virtue of commitment to a cause goes a long way in determining how much of yourself you’re willing to put on the line even when situations are not palatable.



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