Life is of two kinds; the one we live and the one that remains unlived within us. More often than not, we find that the one unlived would probably have been more exciting and rewarding than the one lived. A popular maxim suggests that if we do all we are capable of doing, we would practically astound ourselves. To me, this – in explicit terms – implies it’s very likely that almost every human will fail to live the best life possible.

I’m sure tomes of books and ‘wisdom materials’ will suggest various opposition that contend with us, preventing us from living our best. Some of their nuggets – if we adopt – are capable of transforming us to live better lives. I’m not about to list hard and fast rules about living. I’d rather mention in passing two culprits that constantly offer resistance to us offering our best self/attitude to life: PROCASTINATION and FANTASY.

It goes without saying that perfect conditions hardly ever come by, yet, we find ourselves putting stuff off till tomorrow (tomorrow that never comes) until one day in retrospect, we wonder if we could have just seized the initiative to ‘start something’ with the little we thought was incapable of yielding good results.

The illusion supplied by a habit of incessant fantasizing about how things ‘could be’ ensures that we spend too much time overanalyzing and over calculating the outcomes possible for all the steps we could take, such that we never really take those steps but live submerged in the sea of imaginary gratification.

Life was meant to be lived. See to it that you think about stuff that matter and do stuff that matter. The earlier you start doing things which you deem useful, the more motivation you get to stay put and push further.

My two cents for today: Live your fantasies spontaneously! (And if those fantasies turn out to be inappropriate for you, at least, you know on time ‘what not to do’).


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