Depression is an ill that has crept stealthily and steadily into our midst over the years, and because we’re most times a crowd of drones moving along, knocking against each other occasionally, it’s super easy to be oblivious of the gradual descent of the next person into almost catastrophic despair.

Today, I’m not about to tell you to be your brother’s keeper, neither am I going to tell you to go out of your way to ensure all those around you are living the best life they can live. The truth is that the odds are stacked against most of us in living up to our potentials. And so as selfish as it sounds, my simple message for today is to ensure you find for yourself something that ALWAYS keeps you going.

For me, it’s the dread of being a disappointment to those who mean so much to me, as well as to myself. Note that the ‘something that keeps me going’ isn’t the same as ‘why I do what I do.’ Well, it’s probably a good idea to leave the breakdown of the semantics of those two phrases for another day.

The bottom line is that just whenever I’m about transforming into that guy that cuts everybody off and proclaims in unspoken words that ‘nobody cares until you’ve made it’ (which is probably true), I find the resolve to ‘stick with the hustle’ so I’d not end up being a disappointment or a sad, lonely being with an hatred for the world – be it subtle or intense.

And while still on the matter, I’d stress how important people are, how vital interactions are for the sustenance of sanity and how critical relationships are for our progress. I think for me, people keep me going – their sometimes sorry and beautiful tales, their conquests, their idiosyncrasies, their kind and evil hearts and thinking habits, what they are that I aspire to become and what I hope not to be… their everything.

Just find what it is that will keep you going, for no matter how intelligent or happy you are, there will be moments of retardation to your forward motion, and how influential your ‘stimulants’ are will determine how well you will recover from setbacks.


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