I noticed very recently – say through the course of the past three months – that tasks that have a lot to do with originality have fallen on my laps. I admit I’ve been able to accomplish some while I’ve failed woefully at many others. It got me thinking: “How do I manage to be innovative enough for my ideas to be warmly embraced by those in need of ‘em?

There’s something called serendipity. In clear terms, it refers to the discovery of something pleasant when not actually all out “seeking for answers.” And so it was that I decided to add a book to my March reading list, a recommendation I got from here. For me, it’s serendipity, cos it has managed to set me on the path to getting an answer to my question. The book is titled MADE TO STICK. It was written by brothers Chip and Dan Heath. The story that ensured I haven’t dropped the book since then is an urban legend referred to as KIDNEY HEIST:

“A friend of a friend of ours is a frequent business traveler. Let’s call him Dave. Dave was recently in Atlantic City for an important meeting with clients. Afterward, he had some time to kill before his flight, so he went to a local bar for a drink.

He’d just finished one drink when an attractive woman approached and asked if she could buy him another. He was surprised but flattered. Sure, he said. The woman walked to the bar and brought back two more drinks — one for her and one for him. He thanked her and took a sip. And that was the last thing he remembered.

Rather, that was the last thing he remembered until he woke up, disoriented, lying in a hotel bathtub, his body submerged in ice.

He looked around frantically, trying to figure out where he was and how he got there. Then he spotted the note: DON’T MOVE. CALL 911. A cell phone rested on a small table beside the bathtub. He picked it up and called 911, his fingers numb and clumsy from the ice. The operator seemed oddly familiar with his situation. She said, “Sir, I want you to reach behind you, slowly and carefully. Is there a tube protruding from your lower back?”Anxious, he felt around behind him. Sure enough, there was a tube.

The operator said, “Sir, don’t panic, but one of your kidneys has been harvested. There’s a ring of organ thieves operating in this city, and they got to you. Paramedics are on their way. Don’t move until they arrive.”

The Kidney Heist is a story that sticks to our minds. We understand it, we remember it, and we can retell it later. And if we embrace its credibility, it might change our attitude towards strangers, especially as regards accepting drinks from them.


Well, the stuff I share on this blog is basically “the world through my eyes.” Some of it probably has nothing to do with you; some might be helpful at some point. The rest of the sorry tale above, the stickiness factor, as well as tips that might come in handy in your quest to be a creative guru are in the book: MADE TO STICK.

Creativity afterall is what breeds art and art is the bane of life. Reading the book might not be a bad way to kickstart your week.


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