Today, I draw inspiration from Seth Godin’s book, THE ICARUS DECEPTION. As a huge fan and ardent follower of his work, I always appreciate the wisdom laced in his writings, as well as the fact that he proposes that continuously asking questions rather than expecting answers is the only reasonable way to live.

And so the question to ask yourself today is: What happens next? After what you may ask. You see, that’s another question. And therein lies the wisdom in the original question.

There is a desire inherent in man to seek security (job security maybe). To seek to be the one that is ‘picked’ by some individual/organization for a role/duty that is mind-numbing but enviable in the eyes of fellow myopic beings. The sad good thing is that these days, the quality available amongst the myriad of options for a choice to be made is mind-blowing. Hence, Seth proposes self-selection. And this is only possible when we realize that the age we are in – the connection age – demands that those who will enjoy the scalability in profit occasioned by the times should be those who are ready to exhibit the artist in them.

There is a tendency for the term ‘artist’ to be ascribed to those who have supernatural creative powers. How more inaccurate could that definition be? Artistry rather involves the deliberate decision to ask questions others will not ask, to create avenues for connection, to focus on creation of new stuff (however seemingly trivial) rather than repetition of draining tasks that offer little or no increase per increase in effort.

The moral of it all is to pick yourself. Refuse to wait for that time when the acclaimed record label will sign you up, or when the celebrated institution will invite you to be a consultant, or when the much applauded team will recruit you for membership. Write the blog you wish to write, upload the video of your performance(s) on you-tube; you never know how this could propel you to stardom, write some ‘mad code’ and develop programmes for yourself rather than wait endlessly for Microsoft or google to find you out. They have so many options to pick from so that time for you may never arrive. Rather, pick yourself! Provide service that people cannot do without thereby encouraging connection of people from different walks of life to you.

I conclude by echoing Seth’s thoughts on why Dyslexics emerge as moguls especially in the business world. It simply is because early on in their lives, they realized they couldn’t be one of the “best” by virtue of their aptitude, so they embraced the idea of creating stuff themselves (picking themselves). I assure you, sitting around to take orders that only result in replicating products the populace is already saturated with isn’t the life to live at all. That is so industrial ageish!


P.S. –

1. The call for creativity does not amount to you leaving your bland and pointless job at this very minute without having ideas or questions in your mind. That would be the height of foolery.

2. The ‘steam’ company that provides a medium for installation for various computer games encourage mistakes from their employees, even ones that result in public ridicule! This is ‘cos they believe making mistakes comes with the creative territory and they are willing to encourage creativity. Isn’t that pretty cool?

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