One thing I’ve realized about me is that in the case that I don’t derive maximum satisfaction from what led me a blog, how appealing and instructive the side attractions are can serve as an incentive for me to return. By side attractions, I’m referring to the content of the widgets that lace the body/articles of the blog.

There was a time when physical strength dictated the probability of future success. This was the industrial age. These days, the focus on the other entire micro qualities one possesses, most especially in terms of people relationship and management has never been more intense.

Suffice to say, the idea that just sheer ability can take you to the pinnacle of success is absolutely becoming ridiculous and archaic. Your gesticulations, slight nuances, your habits, the values that are evident by your consistent actions are extremely vital in your everyday life. And just like widgets on a blog, there are times (a whole lot of times) when the impressions you make that lead to the course your career and life take are by virtue of these characteristics (More often than not, you’d be oblivious a message is flowing out from you to others). It is important that over time, you consciously build good values so that even the unconscious information you supply the ‘environment’ with always points to the sterling qualities you want people to believe you possess.

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