Time’s n’er ‘gon be enough

Carpe Diem, quam minimum credula postero. (Seize the day, placing as little trust as possible in the next)

– Anonymous


There will soon be a time when I shall have all the time in the world to learn all the programming languages I wish to learn, know all the scrabble words I need to know to be an authority in professional scrabble circles, be that well known editor and author at least around the country if not around the globe, make those legendary innovations and propose multiple theories in the field of control engineering, become the renaissance man I have often dreamed of becoming since I was a kid; that autodidact whose knowledge and versatility will be an envy for contemporaries, an example for upcoming prodigies.


You see, the forementioned give a faint picture of the things that are important to me. Some of those things I’m well on the path to achieving, some others a long way away. For you also, I’m almost certain you have a series of tasks/achievements you intend to accomplish at some stage in life, but perhaps just like me, the time to accomplish all those things can only be achieved in the unlikely development of some twisted “healthy and acceptable case” of multiple personality disorder; which ensures that the time you switch off to ‘rest’ on one activity is well used up on the quest for proficiency in another area that means something to you by one or more of your alternate personas.


Sometimes, you wish you could hold still the arms of the clock. Sometimes, you wish you could reverse the years or have a perfect understanding of the quantum nature of the universe to enable you to change the past and future to suit your needs. Many times, you sigh and worry that the time to do all you seek to do isn’t going to be available to you. Many other times, you believe you’re never gonna be fulfilled given the speed with which the days pass. While some of these hold true, there is a realization you’re going to have to face sooner or later: ‘Time’s n’er ‘gon be enough.” That is basic!


To this end, it will serve you well to do what you can when you can. Quit putting stuff off for “later” unless totally unavoidable. Stratify your time to suit your most important values and tendencies; sometimes, it might be necessary for you to plan days ahead, write down activities you intend to undertake and time estimates for such activities, in short, let your goals be time bound. Even if you fail to meet up with your time targets, you’ll discover you are going to always be much closer than you would have been had there been no deadlines involved. Decide to spend a large chunk of your time on things you’ll be proud to announce you passed the time with. Forget about time not well spent; the time spent on worry and moaning is best spent on a new positive endeavor every time, EVERY TIME. 


Time waits for no one. The future is here and now. Do all you can when you can; Seize the day, placing as little trust as possible in the next. Time’s n’er ‘gon be enough anyway.

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