“WHY” rather than “WHAT”

“Have the end in mind and make sure you are working towards it everyday.” – Anonymous


Logically, one could say tangibility should come before reason in any endeavour. More succinctly put, there should be “what one wants to do” before “why one wants to do it.” However, it is increasingly becoming evident that the effects of justifications for our decisions on perhaps our career choices or a next line of action in our daily lives outweigh the effects of the things we actually do.


Many people fail or get discouraged along the way majorly because they failed to convince themselves of a purpose in alignment with their intrinsic values and tendencies for their actions. Many programmers for instance will tell you that what kept them going even in times when their programming life seemed mundane and in absolute chaos was the fact that they held on to some strong motive that drove them to programming in the first place. It could be their appreciation of the creative nous behind computer applications, or a fascination with the web that is far greater than that of their peers. In a host of other fields as well, those that become exceedingly good in their positions most likely had some strong affinity for their likes that drove their passions and propelled them to their points of relevance. Hence, it is important that in your quest to make a name for yourself in any field, have an END in mind; picture what you consider as the prize/accolade at the end of your sojourn in the said field. This will serve as the motivating force, indeed it can be considered at the reason for your delving into such a venture.


The mind of the mortal man is full of diverse thoughts that could precipitate one form of resolution into action or the other. If the fellow is a wild/creative thinker, I think he is faced with a greater challenge than the ordinary everyday drab thinker. This is because there are many things he thinks he could do and be good at. If he is not careful, he will jump into action on any thought without proper consideration and might grow disinterested or discouraged along the line when it seems his efforts are becoming pointless or not resulting in immediate gratification.


It is imperative and indeed expedient to ascribe more priority to REASONS than to UNDERTAKINGS. This will ensure that in all your doings, you develop astute resilience even in the face of the impossible.  To help yourself, you could always remind yourself of your reasons for every action whenever you can, or do well to convince your close friends or at least people that have an influence in your life of the purpose of certain actions of importance in your life (if you so desire).


Remember, the WHY is way more important than the WHAT.


Have a solid day!

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