“The habits of a vigorous mind are born in contending with difficulties.”  
―     Abigail Adams



I wish I could say for a fact the average human thrives on challenges, thrives on  the glorification that commitment to tasks normally beyond his capacity bring with it. Alas, this is not so. Like bees drawn to sweet nectar, a large percentage of human beings seek comfort of the body, soul and spirit. While this could be a worthy quest, the constant refusal to demand of oneself the extra effort to make it a reality is sorely lacking in most individuals.


I believe ‘absolute comfort’ is a mirage. I believe the thirst for attainment of ‘absolute comfort’ is the thinking of a vain man. I believe the actual attainment of this state cannot be as pleasing as one would have thought before one attained it. I believe what keeps most of us alive and bustling is the waking up every day to face challenges that are beyond what we snap our fingers and do.


A popular saying proposes that sleeping becomes interesting when a man has lost the purpose for waking up. How more easily can it be to lose the purpose for waking up than to consistently have no worthy goal to chase?


The idea is not to leave your job because you have gotten to a respectable pinnacle, neither is it to engage in haphazard activities under the guise of the opportunity to experience eclectic challenges. Rather, the simple charge is to put more of yourself into what your hand/heart finds to do per time. Always strive to outdo your yesterday self.


The moment you rest on your oars and sit back and relax like the proverbial rich fool mentioned in the Christian Holy book, you find that nothing really interests you anymore and all your achievements at those points amount to nothing. Kapish!

Live in the moment. Ride yourself on every wave. Be used up for a purpose considered by yourself and indeed nature as a mighty one. Never stop dreaming, never stop making demands of yourself. More importantly, never get stuck in the illusion of absolute comfort.


Have a great week ahead.

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