In all you do, ensure you do not waste your waiting time



I think it is perfectly understandable to every thinking person that we cannot all have all we desire, more importantly, we can’t all have anything we desire exactly when we want. The common saying to support this assertion sounds like: “All fingers are not equal.” It is self explanatory, the quote. Proportion in any/all things isn’t a right. Nature has made it such that our experiences, abilities and indeed possessions cannot be balanced on any scale of measurement.


That said, these days, it is clear to me that a host of people live in a world of fantasy; they conjure up something in their mind they want and expect those things to happen at some ‘appropriate time’. And then when this fails to materialize, there is left no backup plan, and so going through the motions, being tossed around by every wind of happening is what some people resort to.


The thing is, why some fail mostly is because their IDEAL outlook of life doesn’t bear any resemblance to reality. When the shit hits the fan, and the truth stares them in the face that they are not even remotely capable of what they think they are capable of, there remains no form of order in their lives.


For most of us, while waiting for something to materialize, all we do is wait instead of working at establishing ourselves in some other strength or discipline. When you wait and what you wait for never shows up, then what you’re left with is all you’ve been able to accomplish during your waiting period.


Whether you’re waiting for a good job or one better than the one you’re in, or that truckload of cash needed to propel you to a pedestal devoid of the wishy syndrome, or a degree that stands you out in the crowd, or that super idea that will result in a groundbreaking innovation or revolution, you need to keep on DOING SOMETHING.


The onus lies on you today to carefully plan your life, see to it that no idle moment exists with/for you. Ensure that while chilling for an opening or opportunity, you’re not making a complete nuisance of yourself by building castles in the air. The wheel that is called life diligently seeks and requires only procactive people who seize time by the horns and are willing to contribute to its functioning in more ways than one.


May the odds always be in your favour!

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